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Tips for bike tours in Berlin

Tips for bike tours in Berlin

Berlin’s First Love

In the German capital, cycling is more than just a passion or a hobby. It is more than life as people of the city love to cycle. While there are many forms of transport in Berlin, cycling is one of the most important means as cyclists form more than 15% of total traffic in 2019. This is due to the fact that the German capital has developed a magnificent infrastructure and it is reported that one of two Berliners, owns a bicycle. There are more than one million residents in Berlin which makes it one of the largest cycling communities of the world. Moreover, the city promotes cycling with fewer restrictions and the biggest evidence of it is that riders can carry their bicycles with them on public transport, although they would need to buy their cycle a ticket. Berlin is a historic city and you could live through history by traveling around the German capital. So why wait? Grab a cycle and take a tour through the German capital’s illustrious history by cycling from the former Berlin Wall to many parts of the city. To make sure you have no problems cycling around the city, we bring you some important tips and routes to make your experience a memorable one.

Important Tracks and Tips

Spree round

The Spree tour starts in Erkner and leads along the Spree across meadows and pastures while you past alongside lakes enjoying a great view of nature. The highlight of this track is the Mönchwinkel bivouac, a small bivouac directly on the Spree. Moreover, you will also witness the beautiful meadow view throughout your route.  Always remember to take a touring bike on this route to keep your cycling experience comfortable

Around the Schwielowsee

This track is one of the finest in Germany, grab your road bike and race along the water as you cycle past the hilly west bank of the Schwielowsees. However, this track is quite long so always remember to keep refreshment.

3rd sightseeing round

This track is quite popular among the tourists as along the way you will find a lot of monuments. A normal would be fine for this route as you will witness Past the Museum Island and the Berlin Cathedral. Moreover, you will also pass the Unter den Linden, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Holocaust Memorial among any other historic sights.

Berlin-Copenhagen bike path

This bike route begins from the Oranienburg S-Bahn station. The cyclists make their way past the Berlin-Copenhagen bike path along with the Voss Canal, through the forest to the train station in Templin. The most suitable bike for this track is a touring bike; however, you could also opt for a racing bike.

Karower See

This route starts from Mitte, usually in the evening; which is a perfect time to witness the beauty of nature. The highlight of this track is the Malchower See, a calm and mesmerizing lake with several small banks, ponds, and the Niederschönhausen castle park. A city bike will be perfect for this route.

Grunewald round

This track is relatively short but it is rank among the best routes of the city as it leads you around the Grunewald forest are. If you like to swim then this track is perfect for you as the track offers numerous opportunities for swimming. So keep your swimming trunks with you! Highlights of this track include the Teufelssee, the Wannsee and the Lieper Bucht bathing beach with the finest sand. Don’t travel on a racing bike as this track is made for normal bikes.

Doeberitzer Heide

Despite being sandy, this circuit runs through the nature reserve, Döberitzer Heide, situated in the west of the city. Mountain bikes are preferable at this track for a smooth experience and if it is your lucky day then, you will witness the bison or Przewalski horses along the way.

Single trails in the Grunewald

The locality of Grunewald has become quite famous with the city’s cyclists due to the number of single trails it offers, hence, you should not waste any time and grab your mountain bike to travel through all the single trails of Grunewald. The highlight is the trail on Lake Pechsee.

From Biesenthal to Finowfurt

This cycling tour starts from Oranienburg and the riders usually have to travel via bike paths and small roads passing along several lakes and loads of nature. A beautiful forest path leads from Biesenthal to Finowfurt, briefly interrupted by old German cobblestones when crossing the motorway.

100 kilometers

This is one of the most demanding tracks of the city due to the distance of the tour. This tour starts from the east of Berlin. Firstly, the cyclist travels out of the city on the Kiefholzstraße and then on bike paths and small streets through Schöneiche and Strausberg. The highlight of this track is the route across the fields at Mehrow. A road bike would be the most suitable option during this tour.

Berlin Wall bike tour

The Berlin Wall bike tour is a famous track that pleases almost all cyclists. Such is the popularity of the track that 8 out of 10 Berliners have ridden the Berlin Wall at least once in their lifetime. The famous tour starts from the East Side Gallery through the Potsdamer Platz and the track reaches its conclusion on the Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauer Strasse.

Bike tour to the Berlin Wall Memorial

If you love history, then what better way to explore the historic capital of Germany on a bike with a local escort? To live such an experience, you need to take a bike tour through the, now, former East Berlin. Before reaching the Berlin Wall Memorial, you will witness the sight of many important spots which include Mauerpark, Eberswalder Straße, Hackesche Höfe among many more.

Jewish Life bike tour in Mitte

This track will teach you a lot about Jewish life in Berlin Mitte. The tour starts from Rosenthaler Platz and ends at Weinbergspark, with the cyclists passing the New Synagogue and the Jewish Cemetery along the track.

Outdoor Swimming Pools in Berlin

Outdoor Swimming Pools in Berlin

Swimming In the German Capital

The German capital is renowned all over the world for being a stylish and historic city. But Berlin is also famous for its love of swimming. From large outdoor pools to lake beaches, Berlin has it all and it is no surprise that Berliners love to swim. Such is their passion to swim that you will find the pools and lake filled with locals even in the winter season. While some people love to beat the heat in a natural bathing spot, some like to chill in private outdoor pools. People from all over the world visit Berlin to learn about the history and culture of Germans and all of them take a bath in the renowned outdoor pools of Berlin at least once in their lifetime. From alert lifeguards to clean changing rooms, these outdoor pools provide everything including refreshing drinks and snacks. If you are coming to Berlin, then you must visit an outdoor pool to relax after a long day of exploring the city. In this write-up, we bring you the best outdoor pools in the German capital where you can take your beautiful European escort to swim or take part in other leisure activities.



Haubentaucher is a paradise for all swimmers. There is no other place in Berlin that offers such a calming experience as you could chill in the cold 20-meter pool which also has a bar. There is more than just swimming at Haubentaucher as you could also take part in the outdoor yoga classes or watch the latest hit and blockbusters in the open-air cinema

The Oranges

If you are looking for a perfect place for sun tanning, then this lake is a real gem. The white sand and the clean water will stun you and you could also play ping pong and volleyball at the beach. However, you can only bath in a restricted area so remember to follow the rules.

The Lübars beach

In Lübars, the local outdoor pool casts a charm on its guests with a historic ambiance. This popular beach is one of the most popular bathing spots in Berlin due to its reasonable entry price, good slides, and tasty stalls. Moreover, it is the site of many important events which shows how popular it is among the locals. If you attend any event at this beautiful beach, wait till the end and witness some crackling fireworks.

Olympic Stadium summer pool

Have you ever dreamt of competing in an Olympic sport? Well, all that dream of yours can come true as you could swim in the 50-meter pool of Berlin’s renowned stadium. Germany hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics and the stadium was built for it. The pool is a beautiful spectacle that is surrounded by stadium seats. Swim through the pool and live your dream of participating in an Olympic game. The stadium was renovated in 2016 and the renovation has worked wonders as the stadium and its pool is in top shape ever since.


There are only a few places in Europe that are bigger than the Strandbad Wannsee. It would be a shame that you don’t visit this place while in Berlin. One of the largest lakeside lidos of Europe, this 80-meter-wide and 1km-long beach welcomes more than 25,000 guests on its busiest day, however, there is enough space for everyone to enjoy freely even on the hottest day of the summer. You could also rent the beach chair and enjoy the beautiful view of the lake while sipping on refreshing drinks. You will have a lot to do at Wannsee as the entertainment never stops. Play beach volley with your friends or play football in the fields as you will see a lot of visitors playing sports. Even if you are not a fan of swimming, this place will bowl you over as the water is not deep which makes it an ideal spot, even, for non-swimmers.


Who wouldn’t love swimming while enjoying a beautiful view of the German capital? The answer is everybody and this magnificent opportunity is only offered by Badeschiff. This beautiful public swimming pool is renowned all over the world due to the best views it offers. Dive in the cold water as you relax while viewing the Oberbaum bridge, 368m long Fernsehturm, as well as the magnificent Molecule Man statue. Badeschiff is a beautiful combination of an outdoor pool and a beach bar which makes it one of the most visited places. The locals here are very friendly and there is a high chance of you making some good friends along the way. While there are many things to do in Berlin, like cycling or going to the cinemas, Badeschiff is the only place where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city while drinking a beer all while floating in the water. Badeschiff is also famous for hosting many beach parties and open-air concerts which has made it a perfect spot for people who love beaches and parties. Sometimes, the concerts begin as early as 3 pm you could spend all day partying in the best city in Germany.

Strandbad Plötzensee

Located near Berlin’s juvenile center, Strandbad Plötzensee is one of the oldest outdoor pools in Berlin, with over 100 years of tradition. The place is surrounded by many trees which attract a lot of nature lovers as who wouldn’t enjoy swimming while surrounded by nature. The perfect blend of clean sand, sunny days, and freezing water make this outdoor pool so attractive and there are lots of activities that you can do at this famous lido. You could also order cold beverages and snacks after you are done with sporting activities. If you are not in a mood to swim, then you can go on a walk exploring this place. Strandbad Plötzensee is a place where you will find everything, from playing basketball to ping pong, play numerous sports while enjoying German cuisines at the nearby restaurant. Moreover, the place has a separate beach for the nudists.

Discover the green side of Berlin

Discover the green side of Berlin

Clean and Green

Berlin is a city which is quite beautiful and it loves nature. That is why you will always find greenery in the German capital and the city offers a unique experience to all its guests by giving them a chance to explore so many beautiful places that are located in the middle of the city, surrounded by nature. In this write-up, we will tell you about the beautiful places in Berlin that you could visit with your all-natural escort as these places will show the greener side of the nature-loving German capital.

The Best Nature Attractions in Berlin

The sandpit in the Grunewald

Just a 30-minute drive from the Grunewald S-Bahn station, the giant pit is one of the most popular spots among the locals and tourists for hiking. This tourist attraction was once used to mine sand for the German capital’s industry. The mining resulted in a 25 meters’ deep valley, where people come from all over the world to hike. The place is famous for its location as it is situated inside the renowned Grunewald forest and you will find Teufelssee, one of the most pristine bathing lakes in Berlin, around the corner. Moreover, once you have reached the Grunewald Tower through the great forest nature trail, you can witness the mesmerizing panoramic view of the Havel River.

New Venice

One of the first things that come in the mind when discussing Berlin, New Venice has made a name for itself for becoming one of the best spots to chill and relax. While it may not be as big as the Italian model, it has an Italian flair which charms all its guests as the beautifully branched canal system in Spandau invites you to one of the most beautiful experience you will ever have in Berlin. The beautiful views of lush lawns and leafy streets are the highlight of the place which also offers holiday cottages, which resemble fairytale cottages, and a famous restaurant that offers traditional cuisine to all the guests to elevate their mood so their trip to the greener Venice is unforgettable.

The Briesetal

Berlin is considered one of the beautiful cities of the world and that is due to the presence of places like The Briesetal. Charming, hot and lush, this place attracts a lot of guests even in the winter season. Not only can you hike in this small valley, but you also have the opportunity to visit various dams as well as a chance to meet the beavers. All of this with a beer in your hand sounds like a perfect holiday. No wonder the locals treat this peaceful place as a getaway from their hectic routine without traveling so far.

Peacock Island

Situated in the middle of the Berlin Wannsee is the picturesque Peacock Island. This Unesco World Heritage Site is one of the most romantic places where you can take your erotic sex companion to spend a pleasing day surrounded by nature. While the castle is closed due to renovation, you can still hear the calls of several peacocks living on the island, hence, deriving its name, because it is believed to be a private zoo of the Prussian nobility. Apart from peacocks, you will also find numerous woodpeckers and frogs on this beautiful island which is also famous among the German filmmakers, for whom the peacock island is a popular spot for filming romantic or aesthetic scenes. Since it is a UNESCO world heritage site, keep in mind to keep your pets and bicycles at home and don’t even think about smoking.

Sacrower See and Königswald

One of the oldest nature reserves of the German capital, Sacrower Lake is surrounded by majestic old deciduous trees stretch which makes it the best option to chill in the water surrounded by nature. Due to its size, it is regarded as one of the finest places in Berlin if you want to go on a hike or romantic long walks with your beautiful teen escort. You can also take permission for fish and go boating if you want but the highlight of this place is its clean lake.


A place which is an ideal spot for a picnic, Körnerpark is situated in the calm backstreets of southern Neukölln. Despite its beautiful garden, this is one of the most underrated parts of the German capital. On a sunny day, you will see everyone here, from children playing football or run to adults reading books or going on a routine walk, there is no shortage of Berliners at this popular spot. The park celebrated its 100th year birthday in 2016 which speaks volumes of the history and importance of this park that it is still relevant even after a complete century of its inauguration. The park was a victim of both world wars and it wasn’t until 1970 when the park was restored after it was heavily damaged during the Second World War. The art gallery, Galerie im Körnerpark, inaugurated in the 1980s, and in modern-day it is known for exhibiting the work of many local and modern artists. The park is considered by many as the complete package as the place turns into a musical paradise when the park opens its door to the public for free outdoor summer concerts.

Treptower Park

It is quite difficult to name parks in Berlin which are bigger than the Treptower Park and the huge size of the park allows it to host a variety of summer activities. The park is nearly 150 years old and you will find a lot of people here, doing a host of activities such as swimming, jogging, playing football while some people just visit the park so they can spend some romantic time with their significant other while admiring the mesmerizing Spree. If you are a beer fan, then you must have heard of Treptower’s name as it is home to a restaurant and a 200-year-old beer garden called Zenner. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy a good meal with fantastic beer while enjoying a beautiful view of the river? So head over to Berlin as soon as possible and visit all the places to experience the greenery of Berlin.

Nightlife districts in Berlin

Nightlife districts in Berlin

Berlin’s Famous Nightlife

The reputation of Berlin nightlife is nothing short of legendary. Many people even consider Berlin as modern-day Babylon as the party never stops in the German capital. The best and entertaining parties take place in Berlin and it is no surprise that many new trends took birth here. You will have countless options to enjoy the German capital’s nightlife as you will find numerous pubs, cocktail bars, nightclubs, and discos in various districts of the city. Berlin is a party paradise as no one is going to stop you from unleashing your party animal. Moreover, Berlin also hosts a variety of colorful programs for lovers of art and culture. From numerous concerts and film festivals to theater and musical performances, everyday Berliners are entertained through something new and creative. Such is the craze for nightlife in Berlin that every month, doors of new clubs, discotheques, bars, and lounges open for people. In case you are coming to Berlin for the first time, we will guide you about the most popular nightlife districts of Berlin are situated so you can head over there with your party escort and have the time of your life.

Berlin’s Most Entertaining Districts

The most popular nightlife districts of Berlin are in the city center and east of Alexanderplatz. If you are visiting Berlin Mitte, then, the area around the Hackesche Höfe, should be your pick as it is a popular spot for Berlin’s nightlife. It is famous among the tourists as you will find a large number of fancy restaurants and bars, along with cinemas, court theaters, and artist studios. With so many options available for entertainment, this place is always jam-packed with a huge number of people. If you are near the Kreuzberg district, then, Oranienburger Strasse is a popular spot for locals and tourists. This multicultural district rose to fame due to its various fancy clubs and its equally amazing bars. If you are looking for a younger crowd to hang out with, then you need to visit the trendy district of Prenzlauer Berg. You will be stunned by the number of pubs, bars, and clubs in that district. Berlin Friedrichshain is another district popular among the young people due to the clubs charging fairly low prices as compared to other districts. If you are searching where the LGBTQ community parties in Berlin then take a ride to the Schöneberg district, where the hip clubs and noble bars light up the mood. In areas like Friedrichsstraße, you will find numerous theatres that provide the finest entertainment in Berlin. In the East End of Berlin, you will find all types of theatrical performances starting from classical theater to opera performances while other genres such as comedy are also presented. The German stage success continues with its high-class musical performances which are highly popular among the locals and tourists of the city. If you love to see top-class shows then head over to the Theater des Westens or the Theater am Potsdamer Platz, where shows such as Holiday On Ice are performed only for a few time in the honor of the capital.

The Adult Entertainment

Nothing beats adult entertainment and there is no better place to find it in Berlin than the street line on Kurfürstenstraße. The street is popular among the locals and tourists for its adult nightlife. Another popular area for adult entertainment in Berlin is the Oranienburger Straße, where you will find many hookers. If you are searching for luxury brothels in Berlin then drive over to the old West Berlin milieu, around the Zoo station, and you will find many brothels that suit your demand. If you want to enjoy erotic performances, experience underground clubs, and see the naughty side of Berlin then there are several internationally well-known party hubs in the city which includes the famous twin clubs, Berghain and Panorama Bar. These bars have made a name for themselves in the nightlife industry of Berlin by providing its guests with an electrifying atmosphere through techno beats and amazing cocktails. You can also visit another popular spot, the Privatclub in Kreuzberg or the largest casino of the German capital, Spielbank Berlin, for the best nightlife experience.

Cinemas & Film festivals Berlin

Cinemas & Film festivals Berlin

The Film Festivals of Berlin

There is no other city that has served the cinema like the capital of Germany. Berlin is regarded as one of the oldest and most experienced cities in the film industry. Since the 19th century, Berlin has given a lot of innovative filmmakers and in recent times, it has hosted the biggest film festivals of the world such as “Around the World in 14 Films” along with the Italian and French Film Festivals that explore other countries art and cinema in Berlin. Don’t be surprised if you see a film festival every day in the German capital as the city loves to appreciate the finest films from all over Europe and other continents of the world. From the start of the year till the end of it, you will find various film festivals taking place in Berlin where you can take a beautiful Blonde escort to make the experience even more amusing.


The Berlinale is the biggest film festival of the year that takes place in the month of February. Ask any Berliner and they will tell you how important this film festival is. The festival runs for 10 days, where many brilliant works of art are premiered while the red carpet will be graced by a host of top international stars. Moreover, the event is well-known all over the world due to its premier of international films and the large attendance of foreign audiences.

Achtung Berlin

Another important film festival, movies that belong from Berlin and Brandenburg are premiered at the Achtung Berlin Film Festival every year. Furthermore, the festival also acknowledges the efforts of filmmakers by handing out an award for the best feature films and documentaries to encourage other filmmakers to come up with their work.

Around The World in 14 films

The unique film festival “Around the World in 14 Films” takes its audience on an adventurous cinematic journey. While attending this festival, you will see the host of spectacular films from Cannes and Venice, which were never seen in Germany before, let alone Berlin. This year the festival shows many interesting films including the Oscar-nominated “Charlatan” by critically acclaimed Polish director Agnieszka Holland

Fantasy Filmfest

The Fantasy Filmfest has made a name for itself by supporting many creative and unique genres of films of all kinds apart while their focus remains on fantasy and horror. This festival is hailed by everyone as it gives a chance to amazingly great films to premier which are usually ignored by mainstream cinema and they do not even make it to the cinema screens.

The Cinemas of Berlin

Cinemas in Berlin are known for their diversity – apart from finding the latest hits displayed on the screens of major multiplexes, you will also get to experience arthouse cinemas with unique programs and alluring history of cinemas. If you love cinema, then Berlin is a land of heaven for you as you will find numerous options here starting from the latest blockbuster to an experimental art film or even a rerun of a classic masterpiece.


The Babylon cinema is one of the finest cinemas you will find in Berlin as it will take you through various timelines of the film industry regardless of the film you decide to watch. Designed by Hans Poelzig in 1920, the cinema, to date, gives charming vibes to its guests. From silent films accompanied by the tone of a piano to various brilliant and weird European films, you will find it all under one roof.

CinemaxX at Potsdamer Platz

If you are searching for all the famous and latest blockbusters of the film industry, then you should visit Potsdamer Platz as it consists of 19 cinema halls as the multiplex theatre is the best entertaining option for any filmmaker. The use of advanced technology such as 3D and the architecture of this place has made it renowned throughout the world.

The Kino International

Arguably the most famous cinema of the German capital, Kino International was built in 1963 at Karl-Marx-Allee. Despite being a famous cinema in the 1900s, Kino International is a protected historic building in modern times and also serves as the main spot of the Berlinale.