Outdoor Swimming Pools in Berlin

Outdoor Swimming Pools in Berlin

Swimming In the German Capital

The German capital is renowned all over the world for being a stylish and historic city. But Berlin is also famous for its love of swimming. From large outdoor pools to lake beaches, Berlin has it all and it is no surprise that Berliners love to swim. Such is their passion to swim that you will find the pools and lake filled with locals even in the winter season. While some people love to beat the heat in a natural bathing spot, some like to chill in private outdoor pools. People from all over the world visit Berlin to learn about the history and culture of Germans and all of them take a bath in the renowned outdoor pools of Berlin at least once in their lifetime. From alert lifeguards to clean changing rooms, these outdoor pools provide everything including refreshing drinks and snacks. If you are coming to Berlin, then you must visit an outdoor pool to relax after a long day of exploring the city. In this write-up, we bring you the best outdoor pools in the German capital where you can take your beautiful European escort to swim or take part in other leisure activities.



Haubentaucher is a paradise for all swimmers. There is no other place in Berlin that offers such a calming experience as you could chill in the cold 20-meter pool which also has a bar. There is more than just swimming at Haubentaucher as you could also take part in the outdoor yoga classes or watch the latest hit and blockbusters in the open-air cinema

The Oranges

If you are looking for a perfect place for sun tanning, then this lake is a real gem. The white sand and the clean water will stun you and you could also play ping pong and volleyball at the beach. However, you can only bath in a restricted area so remember to follow the rules.

The Lübars beach

In Lübars, the local outdoor pool casts a charm on its guests with a historic ambiance. This popular beach is one of the most popular bathing spots in Berlin due to its reasonable entry price, good slides, and tasty stalls. Moreover, it is the site of many important events which shows how popular it is among the locals. If you attend any event at this beautiful beach, wait till the end and witness some crackling fireworks.

Olympic Stadium summer pool

Have you ever dreamt of competing in an Olympic sport? Well, all that dream of yours can come true as you could swim in the 50-meter pool of Berlin’s renowned stadium. Germany hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics and the stadium was built for it. The pool is a beautiful spectacle that is surrounded by stadium seats. Swim through the pool and live your dream of participating in an Olympic game. The stadium was renovated in 2016 and the renovation has worked wonders as the stadium and its pool is in top shape ever since.


There are only a few places in Europe that are bigger than the Strandbad Wannsee. It would be a shame that you don’t visit this place while in Berlin. One of the largest lakeside lidos of Europe, this 80-meter-wide and 1km-long beach welcomes more than 25,000 guests on its busiest day, however, there is enough space for everyone to enjoy freely even on the hottest day of the summer. You could also rent the beach chair and enjoy the beautiful view of the lake while sipping on refreshing drinks. You will have a lot to do at Wannsee as the entertainment never stops. Play beach volley with your friends or play football in the fields as you will see a lot of visitors playing sports. Even if you are not a fan of swimming, this place will bowl you over as the water is not deep which makes it an ideal spot, even, for non-swimmers.


Who wouldn’t love swimming while enjoying a beautiful view of the German capital? The answer is everybody and this magnificent opportunity is only offered by Badeschiff. This beautiful public swimming pool is renowned all over the world due to the best views it offers. Dive in the cold water as you relax while viewing the Oberbaum bridge, 368m long Fernsehturm, as well as the magnificent Molecule Man statue. Badeschiff is a beautiful combination of an outdoor pool and a beach bar which makes it one of the most visited places. The locals here are very friendly and there is a high chance of you making some good friends along the way. While there are many things to do in Berlin, like cycling or going to the cinemas, Badeschiff is the only place where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city while drinking a beer all while floating in the water. Badeschiff is also famous for hosting many beach parties and open-air concerts which has made it a perfect spot for people who love beaches and parties. Sometimes, the concerts begin as early as 3 pm you could spend all day partying in the best city in Germany.

Strandbad Plötzensee

Located near Berlin’s juvenile center, Strandbad Plötzensee is one of the oldest outdoor pools in Berlin, with over 100 years of tradition. The place is surrounded by many trees which attract a lot of nature lovers as who wouldn’t enjoy swimming while surrounded by nature. The perfect blend of clean sand, sunny days, and freezing water make this outdoor pool so attractive and there are lots of activities that you can do at this famous lido. You could also order cold beverages and snacks after you are done with sporting activities. If you are not in a mood to swim, then you can go on a walk exploring this place. Strandbad Plötzensee is a place where you will find everything, from playing basketball to ping pong, play numerous sports while enjoying German cuisines at the nearby restaurant. Moreover, the place has a separate beach for the nudists.