Discover the green side of Berlin

Discover the green side of Berlin

Clean and Green

Berlin is a city which is quite beautiful and it loves nature. That is why you will always find greenery in the German capital and the city offers a unique experience to all its guests by giving them a chance to explore so many beautiful places that are located in the middle of the city, surrounded by nature. In this write-up, we will tell you about the beautiful places in Berlin that you could visit with your all-natural escort as these places will show the greener side of the nature-loving German capital.

The Best Nature Attractions in Berlin

The sandpit in the Grunewald

Just a 30-minute drive from the Grunewald S-Bahn station, the giant pit is one of the most popular spots among the locals and tourists for hiking. This tourist attraction was once used to mine sand for the German capital’s industry. The mining resulted in a 25 meters’ deep valley, where people come from all over the world to hike. The place is famous for its location as it is situated inside the renowned Grunewald forest and you will find Teufelssee, one of the most pristine bathing lakes in Berlin, around the corner. Moreover, once you have reached the Grunewald Tower through the great forest nature trail, you can witness the mesmerizing panoramic view of the Havel River.

New Venice

One of the first things that come in the mind when discussing Berlin, New Venice has made a name for itself for becoming one of the best spots to chill and relax. While it may not be as big as the Italian model, it has an Italian flair which charms all its guests as the beautifully branched canal system in Spandau invites you to one of the most beautiful experience you will ever have in Berlin. The beautiful views of lush lawns and leafy streets are the highlight of the place which also offers holiday cottages, which resemble fairytale cottages, and a famous restaurant that offers traditional cuisine to all the guests to elevate their mood so their trip to the greener Venice is unforgettable.

The Briesetal

Berlin is considered one of the beautiful cities of the world and that is due to the presence of places like The Briesetal. Charming, hot and lush, this place attracts a lot of guests even in the winter season. Not only can you hike in this small valley, but you also have the opportunity to visit various dams as well as a chance to meet the beavers. All of this with a beer in your hand sounds like a perfect holiday. No wonder the locals treat this peaceful place as a getaway from their hectic routine without traveling so far.

Peacock Island

Situated in the middle of the Berlin Wannsee is the picturesque Peacock Island. This Unesco World Heritage Site is one of the most romantic places where you can take your erotic sex companion to spend a pleasing day surrounded by nature. While the castle is closed due to renovation, you can still hear the calls of several peacocks living on the island, hence, deriving its name, because it is believed to be a private zoo of the Prussian nobility. Apart from peacocks, you will also find numerous woodpeckers and frogs on this beautiful island which is also famous among the German filmmakers, for whom the peacock island is a popular spot for filming romantic or aesthetic scenes. Since it is a UNESCO world heritage site, keep in mind to keep your pets and bicycles at home and don’t even think about smoking.

Sacrower See and Königswald

One of the oldest nature reserves of the German capital, Sacrower Lake is surrounded by majestic old deciduous trees stretch which makes it the best option to chill in the water surrounded by nature. Due to its size, it is regarded as one of the finest places in Berlin if you want to go on a hike or romantic long walks with your beautiful teen escort. You can also take permission for fish and go boating if you want but the highlight of this place is its clean lake.


A place which is an ideal spot for a picnic, Körnerpark is situated in the calm backstreets of southern Neukölln. Despite its beautiful garden, this is one of the most underrated parts of the German capital. On a sunny day, you will see everyone here, from children playing football or run to adults reading books or going on a routine walk, there is no shortage of Berliners at this popular spot. The park celebrated its 100th year birthday in 2016 which speaks volumes of the history and importance of this park that it is still relevant even after a complete century of its inauguration. The park was a victim of both world wars and it wasn’t until 1970 when the park was restored after it was heavily damaged during the Second World War. The art gallery, Galerie im Körnerpark, inaugurated in the 1980s, and in modern-day it is known for exhibiting the work of many local and modern artists. The park is considered by many as the complete package as the place turns into a musical paradise when the park opens its door to the public for free outdoor summer concerts.

Treptower Park

It is quite difficult to name parks in Berlin which are bigger than the Treptower Park and the huge size of the park allows it to host a variety of summer activities. The park is nearly 150 years old and you will find a lot of people here, doing a host of activities such as swimming, jogging, playing football while some people just visit the park so they can spend some romantic time with their significant other while admiring the mesmerizing Spree. If you are a beer fan, then you must have heard of Treptower’s name as it is home to a restaurant and a 200-year-old beer garden called Zenner. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy a good meal with fantastic beer while enjoying a beautiful view of the river? So head over to Berlin as soon as possible and visit all the places to experience the greenery of Berlin.