Cinemas & Film festivals Berlin

Cinemas & Film festivals Berlin

The Film Festivals of Berlin

There is no other city that has served the cinema like the capital of Germany. Berlin is regarded as one of the oldest and most experienced cities in the film industry. Since the 19th century, Berlin has given a lot of innovative filmmakers and in recent times, it has hosted the biggest film festivals of the world such as “Around the World in 14 Films” along with the Italian and French Film Festivals that explore other countries art and cinema in Berlin. Don’t be surprised if you see a film festival every day in the German capital as the city loves to appreciate the finest films from all over Europe and other continents of the world. From the start of the year till the end of it, you will find various film festivals taking place in Berlin where you can take a beautiful Blonde escort to make the experience even more amusing.


The Berlinale is the biggest film festival of the year that takes place in the month of February. Ask any Berliner and they will tell you how important this film festival is. The festival runs for 10 days, where many brilliant works of art are premiered while the red carpet will be graced by a host of top international stars. Moreover, the event is well-known all over the world due to its premier of international films and the large attendance of foreign audiences.

Achtung Berlin

Another important film festival, movies that belong from Berlin and Brandenburg are premiered at the Achtung Berlin Film Festival every year. Furthermore, the festival also acknowledges the efforts of filmmakers by handing out an award for the best feature films and documentaries to encourage other filmmakers to come up with their work.

Around The World in 14 films

The unique film festival “Around the World in 14 Films” takes its audience on an adventurous cinematic journey. While attending this festival, you will see the host of spectacular films from Cannes and Venice, which were never seen in Germany before, let alone Berlin. This year the festival shows many interesting films including the Oscar-nominated “Charlatan” by critically acclaimed Polish director Agnieszka Holland

Fantasy Filmfest

The Fantasy Filmfest has made a name for itself by supporting many creative and unique genres of films of all kinds apart while their focus remains on fantasy and horror. This festival is hailed by everyone as it gives a chance to amazingly great films to premier which are usually ignored by mainstream cinema and they do not even make it to the cinema screens.

The Cinemas of Berlin

Cinemas in Berlin are known for their diversity – apart from finding the latest hits displayed on the screens of major multiplexes, you will also get to experience arthouse cinemas with unique programs and alluring history of cinemas. If you love cinema, then Berlin is a land of heaven for you as you will find numerous options here starting from the latest blockbuster to an experimental art film or even a rerun of a classic masterpiece.


The Babylon cinema is one of the finest cinemas you will find in Berlin as it will take you through various timelines of the film industry regardless of the film you decide to watch. Designed by Hans Poelzig in 1920, the cinema, to date, gives charming vibes to its guests. From silent films accompanied by the tone of a piano to various brilliant and weird European films, you will find it all under one roof.

CinemaxX at Potsdamer Platz

If you are searching for all the famous and latest blockbusters of the film industry, then you should visit Potsdamer Platz as it consists of 19 cinema halls as the multiplex theatre is the best entertaining option for any filmmaker. The use of advanced technology such as 3D and the architecture of this place has made it renowned throughout the world.

The Kino International

Arguably the most famous cinema of the German capital, Kino International was built in 1963 at Karl-Marx-Allee. Despite being a famous cinema in the 1900s, Kino International is a protected historic building in modern times and also serves as the main spot of the Berlinale.